A thousand and one good resolutions … Have you just registered for the yoga course, stopped smoking and filled your fridge with healthy power food? If you want to keep the good intentions this year longer than a month, you should read Jeremy Dean’s advice. One of his golden tips is to keep the resolutions small and realistic.

For your skin, I have a tip for you: in 2013, focus your attention on a radiant, healthy complexion instead of wrinkle-free. This not only saves you a lot of money and trouble, but also earns you more. Studies have shown that it’s not wrinkles that reveal age, but skin colour. The evolutionary psychologists Bernard Fink, Karl Grammer and Randy Thornhill already showed in 2006 that people with a radiant, spotless complexion were estimated to be up to 20 years younger!

I am no longer surprised that a radiant complexion is often more noticeable than a wrinkle less. You can read a lot from the skin. A trained person can often even see from the skin whether someone has an internal disease. Imagine what your skin looks like when you are ill. The complexion is then often somewhat duller and yellower and has lost its shine.

This also happens when you get older. The skin can no longer repel the dead skin cells so easily and can therefore look paler. In addition, the blood circulation of the skin can also decrease somewhat, since the vessels no longer function so well. With drier skin, reduced blood circulation and an excess of dead skin cells there is not too much left of the natural shine. Fortunately, it is possible to conjure up shine again if you start taking the necessary measures in good time.

Radiant complexion through a cream

There are cosmetic ingredients that are prerequisites for an even, radiant complexion. You might consider asking your family doctor or dermatologist for a prescription for vitamin A acid from around the age of 30. Vitamin A acid has been proven to help combat skin aging, promote healthy cell renewal and prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells. Within just a few weeks you will see that your skin is getting a beautiful shine again.

Vitamin A acid is not the only possibility, even the use of a product with highly concentrated vitamin C and niacinamide makes the skin stronger, healthier, more even and radiant. With a combination of these ingredients you are guaranteed success!

Peels for instant shine

Healthy and well supplied with blood skin and a smooth skin surface result in a beautiful shine. A healthy radiant complexion can be compared to a mirror. The surface is smooth and therefore reflects the light optimally. This effect is lost through aging, sun damage, poor nutrition, stress or wrong skin care products.

Also bad habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption lead to dull skin. The blood vessels narrow, which is why oxygen-rich blood cannot easily reach the skin. And the reduced blood supply provides for the well-known pale smoker skin. The art is to smooth the skin in such a way that the light falling on it is beautifully reflected again. Although a longer breath is needed to improve the condition of the skin and blood circulation, a smooth and even surface is easy to achieve. This can be achieved with a peeling.

I advise you not to scrub your face because friction can irritate the skin. Sometimes it can damage healthy skin cells, which can have the opposite effect. Due to the associated loss of moisture, the skin becomes dry. And dry skin becomes wrinkled and dull. And that is precisely not your intention. It would be better to use peeling substances such as alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs (also called fruit acids) or beta hydroxy acids (salicylic acid) which dissolve the dead skin cells. For many people, peeling is an unknown product.

Nevertheless, it is an important part of a good skin care program.

There is much independent and scientific evidence of the effectiveness of peeling ingredients such as lactic acid, salicylic acid or glycolic acid. Although the cosmetics industry sometimes shows us that these types of ingredients are new, they have been used for a long time. Cleopatra already bathed in acidic milk containing lactic acid and the ladies at the French court applied wine containing tartaric acid to the face. Fortunately, these ingredients can now easily be bought in the right concentrations in stores.

Eat yourself radiant

If you want a healthy shiny complexion, you need to eat carotenoids. These substances are found, for example, in carrots, but also in oranges and tomatoes. Studies have shown that the skin of people who ate many foods with carotenoids was considered more beautiful and healthier. In addition, carotenoids also protect against UV damage: although tanned skin can look good at first, UV damage quickly attacks healthy shine.

They can also eat well with free fatty acids found in fatty fish such as salmon, which help the skin bind moisture and protect itself from external influences. Omega fatty acids also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Resveratrol in grapes (and red wine) would also be recommended.

This substance influences the formation of sirtuins and thus the aging process. Unfortunately, one would have to drink a lot of red wine in order to benefit from it. So it is better to use dietary supplements with this substance. Green tea is also a good choice, it contains a lot of antioxidants.

Antioxidants protect the skin from UV damage and are therefore an important means of preventing skin ageing. Broccoli, strawberries and cranberries are also a source of valuable antioxidants.

Glow with happiness

You only get a really beautiful shine when you feel comfortable in your skin. Stress and lack of sleep have a great influence on the skin and make them more susceptible to pimples, irritation and other skin problems. The skin can even become dry and dull and the reduced blood circulation makes the complexion pale and pale. The cause of this is an elevated cortisol level. On the other hand, happiness hormones (endorphins, some of which are even produced in the skin) can make the skin glow. So take your time now and then!

And if you need something more …

Sometimes sensible food, good skin care and a healthy dose of rest are not enough. Then you can call on the help of a clinic. The most important measure to give the skin an immediate shine is highly concentrated peelings. The same substances are used as in a peeling that you can use at home, but then highly concentrated.

This makes the result even more visible. It can also lighten pigmentation spots and tighten the skin a little. If you really want to improve your skin, choose a combination of laser treatment and highly concentrated peeling. With a good laser you can also build up the skin from the inside and easily remove unattractive pigment spots and visible veins.

Microdermabrasion is also a possibility. But don’t overdo it, because too many and too aggressive treatments can make the skin look tired. Be sure to choose a good clinic where the treatments are performed by a medical beautician.

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