Actually, you were just on vacation, know the what is the best online mattress. And a few days later, you start having those neck pains again. You haven’t slept well for a long time, unless you were really dead tired. Stress really can’t be the cause this time. So maybe it is because of your bed.

Even if you haven’t noticed it yet: over time your body and mattress adapt to each other, a little more each night. When the mattress can no longer support the body properly, the muscles try to get back into a comfortable position. The result is back pain or poor sleep.

Back and neck pain?
Neck, shoulder and back pain and sleep problems can have many – even serious – causes. If at some point they simply appeared, slowly get worse and no other reason can be found, you should take a look at your bed.

A longer stay away from home can also be helpful. However, this should already last one or two weeks. This is at least how long it takes the body to get used to a different surface.

After ten years it usually ends.
The most time-saving way is to change the bed linen the next time. What does the mattress look like in general, also on the bottom side? Is it softer or harder in the middle than on the edges? Does it smell musty? Is the slatted frame ok, or have slats shifted?

All these are not good signs. If a hollow forms in the middle of the lying surface or the seams open up, it is high time to buy a new one. If this happens within the warranty period, the thing is simply scrap and you can make a complaint.

After ten years, most mattresses have reached the end of their service life. By then, part of the filling is no longer stable, house dust mites have settled in, and possibly fungi and bacteria as well. This is quite normal.

So if you are still sleeping on the good stuff you used when you first moved out of your parents’ house and then moved twice more, you can safely part with it.

Rather unimportant: bed comfort and price
How quickly a mattress breaks down depends on its quality and a few other factors, so it can also be faster. For example, not every sleeper has the same weight and moves the same amount during sleep. Sometimes the bed base is not suitable.

The distance between the slats should not exceed six centimetres. Flexible slats that can be raised at the head or foot end need a flexible mattress.

Otherwise the slats are not too important for a good night’s sleep. And even the cheapest roll-up slats are extremely durable.

At least that’s what Stiftung Warentest, the German consumer watchdog, says, which regularly looks around the jungle of spring, latex, cold foam, gel foam and other mattresses. Kassensturz and Co. carry out tests more often to see what you get for your money.

The price, the experts have repeatedly stated, does not play a significant role. The only thing that is important is that your spine is straight when you sleep.

This means that the shoulder should be able to sink in far enough when lying on its side, and if you lie on your back, you should not have the feeling of lying in a hammock.

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