What makes Subagon so special? Everything!

As a manufacturer you can make it easy for yourself: develop products, produce them, organize marketing campaigns, sell them, that’s it. Subagon has atypically seen the obligations associated with the company from the very beginning.

We do not focus on profit, but always on people – at all times and with the deepest conviction. We are constantly aware that we will not achieve anything without our customers, employees and partners. Only if they are completely satisfied are we satisfied.

This is why we only produce the highest quality high-end cosmetic and vital substance preparations, with unsurpassed potentials for which our customers have a clear, indication-related need. A permanent further development of existing formulations is just as self-evident for us as the consistent interlocking of internal and external beauty and health care. The exquisite raw materials come from long-standing trustworthy and certified sources, and the proverbial high-level also applies in the production process.

In addition, the unique Subagon training concept creates professional perspectives that are unparalleled in the industry. And our customers benefit from all of this: from a friendly, competent personal person to person advice and a great product range that simply makes life better and healthier.

And we differ from other companies on another point: We do not use cost-intensive media advertising out of conviction and prefer to invest the money saved in low selling prices, measured by the level of quality. We believe that unrivalled good products should speak for themselves – through people who understand and apply them. The fact that this concept works is shown by the pleasing sales figures ….but above all by hundreds of thousands of highly satisfied customers who entrust Subagon with their beauty care and nutritionally relevant vitality care.

What does the Subagon offer you?

The Subagon is an information page about everything that serves to maintain your health in a natural way. We have made it our task to provide you with a guide and guideline with which you can orientate yourself in the jungle of natural remedies.

The selection of natural remedies today is already enormous and continues to grow steadily. From proven traditional remedies to brand new discoveries from distant countries, this market is extremely dynamic. Many of these products have already been proven to be effective. To help you find your way between excellent alternative products and bad quackery, we have compiled this information page for you.

Who we are?

We are a team of professional authors who are in close contact with physicians, research institutions, distributors and users. With the valuable information from our network, we can always offer you well-founded information about the remedies that nature offers us voluntarily.

The enormous advantage of natural remedies is that they are usually free of side effects. Nevertheless, they must not be consumed without restraint. We will tell you which daily dose is harmless, ideal and no longer healthy. Because as Paracelsus already said: “Nothing is poison, everything is poison – only the dose makes the poison”.

We always offer you information after a well-founded research. We intensively research the latest studies in which natural remedies had to prove themselves under strict tests. And where an advertised remedy has proven to be a mummery and quackery, we will let you know as well.

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