What’s a Subagon


Subagon is a VW Vanagon made more reliable, faster, safer and very attractivre.  If you love your Vanagon but it runs like a Vanagon, we can help. If you don’t have a Vanagon but want the coolest one out there on the road…Call Subagon.
We convert client vans and we also build our own ultimate Subagons for sale. Either way we love what we do and we work really hard to make your van the best we can.

Our Subaru Vanagon conversions consist of top quality VW Vanagons, Syncros, Westfalias, Transporter Single Cabs and Double Cabs combined with the ultimate in reliable engines from Subaru. Conversions range from the 135HP Subaru 2.2L, (CA LEGAL) to the 175HP 2.5L , the H6 3.0 motor and the 230HP 3.3L Subaru. With any of these fine motors you will notice a huge improvement in your Vanagon performance. From the smooth delivery of power, to reliability, to the sound of the engine, you will not be disappointed in your Subagon Subaru Vanagon conversion.

A little about the SVX:
The Subaru SVX was a vehicle built by Subaru from 1992 – 1997 and was the precursor to the WRX. The SVX engine is a 3.3 Liter, 4 cam  230HP Motor. It has 4 valves per cylinder and four cams driven by a toothed belt. This a non-interference engine, meaning that it will not self destruct if the cam belt breaks. It features an engine management computer capable of learning as you drive with input from crank and cam position sensors, two knock sensors, two oxygen sensors and it controls the spark, fuel injectors, and timing. It has no distributor, cap, rotor, or plug wires. The stock horsepower is rated at 230 at 5400 RPM and has a stock redline of 7000.  The SVX motors are so reliable that they are used in many airplanes today. We don’t know many pilots that would put the original Waterboxxer a plane. If they did I would not ride in it…

What we do is we remove the stock 70 – 110 HP VW motor and install the superior Subaru using a special adapter plate to the VW transmission. We then install or build the any of the many other upgrades you can dream of.  See build menu

We strive to furnish you with the best quality, best looking and best performing Vanagon we can. We are not magicians or super humans, thus things will break and we will make mistakes (remember, these vans are 20+ years old.)  That said we work hard and do the absolute best we can to make your ride safe, reliable and fantastic looking.

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