All vehicles sold by Subagon are sold in “AS IS” condition. All the work done by Subagon will carry a (1) year warranty and pertains only to the INSTALLATION of items Subagon installed on the van or Subagon created products.
(bumpers, tire carriers, adapter plates) The installation of these items is covered by the 1 year warranty, but not the items themselves. Any manufacturers warranty will be passed on to the customer.

All warranty work must be done in our shop and it is up to the buyer to have the vehicle delivered to Subagon. Subagon will not pay for another shop to diagnose an issue. The warranty covers our replacement cost for parts and labor at $35.00 an hour at Subagons installation time. All warranty work done by an outside shop must be approved by Subagon. This warranty does not cover towing costs, or lodging due to a breakdown.

We will always do our best to make your Subagon experience a positive one. It is important to remember that these vehicles are 20+ years old and some parts do fail. There is no expressed warranty on the vehicle itself. We will always be available to help you along your journeys, just pick up the phone and call!

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