Which natural cosmetics are the best? This is exactly the question many people ask themselves, because it is not always easy to find the natural cosmetics care series for yourself or your skin right away. But what is the difference between natural cosmetics and conventional cosmetic products? The name alone gives some information about it…

Sustainability in production, skin compatibility and the exclusive use of natural ingredients are the main focus in natural cosmetics.

This means that care products from natural cosmetics are manufactured exclusively on the basis of natural substances. They often also contain extracts from (medicinal) plants. All silicones, parabens, paraffins, aluminium, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, petroleum products and many other potentially harmful ingredients are deliberately avoided.

In the meantime, all products are actually vegan, i.e. without animal ingredients, which is very important to the manufacturers. Of course, animal testing is not used at all. In addition, there are no microplastic particles in natural cosmetic products.

Natural cosmetics have above all the aim to balance a skin appearance and to ensure that sensitive skin, for example, can find its way back into its natural equilibrium. Thus the products are suitable for all skin types.

We know and use all the products we talk about here again and again ourselves. Some of them we have known for years, others we are just getting to know.

Nature girl: Very high-quality, very well tolerated

Naturmädchen is a young and innovative natural cosmetics house based on the Lower Rhine. Their motto is few, but very effective and very high-quality ingredients for their products. They are among our personal top favourites among the young cosmetic brands.

Of course, they all come from nature, are vegan and produced without animal testing. They also convince with a good price/performance ratio. All products are also very well tolerated by sensitive skins!

Face cleansing micelle water, 100ml

With this pleasantly orange-smelling micelle water you get a daily pore-deep cleansing without the skin drying out. Dirt and fat particles are gently removed from the face and neck, leaving the skin feeling very pleasant and fresh.

Regular use refines the pores. At the same time the skin is protected against skin irritations. This is thanks to the extracts of magnolia extracts it contains. A pore-deep cleansing which is also very suitable for sensitive skin.

Facial cream with hyaluronic acid, 50ml

An absolute darling of ours. Because the cream not only smells very pleasantly light orange but also has a rich consistency, absorbs quickly and well and provides the skin all day long with an extra portion of moisture without leaving an oily film on the skin.

In addition, it convinces by balancing the skin’s appearance. Also and especially sensitive skins or skins that suffer from redness or couperose will benefit from this cream. The skin calms down after only a few applications. At least I was able to make this experience personally.

In addition, wrinkles are visibly reduced, thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid to the cream. The face cream leaves a very pleasant and velvety skin feeling. It can be used as a day or night cream and is also absolutely recommended for men’s skin.

It is enough to apply only a small amount to give the skin a freshness kick. The cream is also very well tolerated by sensitive skin. Thanks to hyaluronic acid you also get a visible anti-aging effect. The cream is also suitable for dry skin; who wants can mix the cream with a few drops of the vital care oil mentioned below. So even a dry skin is supplied with a lot of moisture all day long.

In addition, avocado, mango, cocoa butter and meadow foam crate oil provide plenty of moisture. Redness and irritation disappear.

The skin remains beautifully balanced.

The great thing about this cream is that it also protects the skin from blue light from displays of PCs or smartphones! Who sits often and long before the screen can apply the cream also simply occasionally again.

You can combine the cream perfectly with the intensive serum. Both products provide the skin with a lot of moisture and also have a very effective anti-aging effect. Simply apply the serum in the morning under the day cream and/or use as night care.

Intensive serum, 30ml

Also this product convinces by its very pleasant consistency, the good compatibility for sensitive skin and the pleasant very light orange scent.

The serum absorbs very quickly and well and leaves the skin feeling wonderfully velvety and beautiful. The skin then feels smoother and fresher but without any feeling of tension.

For example, the hyaluronic acid complex, amino acids and vitamin C provide the great firming effect and the active ingredient betaine has a skin-soothing property. The serum can therefore also be used very well for sensitive skins.

Vitamin C and amino acids help to stimulate cell renewal and collagen formation. They can also lighten pigment spots and neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals.

A serum is always more intensive than a cream and can be used either alone, under the day cream or also very well as a non-greasy night care.

Vital care oil, 50ml

The oil is very pleasant in smell and leaves a very nice feeling on the skin. It is absorbed quickly and only 2 – 3 drops are needed to give the face the necessary care. Apply and massage in lightly, the skin immediately becomes very soft and feels great.

It consists of different vegetable oils and helps the skin to regenerate better. At the same time it provides moisture and helps to improve the acid mantle.

The oil can either be used as night care or applied under the day care. A great combination in combination with the face cream. For example, you can mix 2 drops of oil with the face cream and apply. Absorbs very quickly and moisturizes the whole day.

Junglück: great anti aging effect, very well tolerated

This young German natural cosmetics label is also one of our top favourites of the young German natural cosmetics label. As with their colleagues, they also make sure that the products are produced vegan, naturally without any harmful ingredients and without animal testing.

In addition, as with the other manufacturers mentioned, care is taken to ensure that both production and packaging are sustainable. In addition, the company is involved in many exciting social projects.

Hyaluronic acid concentrate gel: firming effect, provides a lot of moisture, also reduces deeper wrinkles.

This effective product comes from Junglück and is – like our other mentioned favourite natural cosmetic brands – manufactured in Germany. The serum is vegan, non-animal and sustainably produced. The company is also committed to supporting social projects.

The serum increases the elasticity of the skin, protects it against dehydration and counteracts the formation of wrinkles. It provides a lot of moisture, absorbs quickly and leaves a very pleasant and smooth complexion. The serum is applied to the skin like a light protective film and makes the skin look firmer and gives the skin a lot of moisture.

The gel can be used very sparingly; even a small amount is sufficient to supply the skin sufficiently. It can also be used on the eye area and décolleté. It can easily be massaged in with the hands.

Here, too, the gel/serum can be used as a base for day care.

Especially at very warm temperatures it can also be used as sole day care. In addition, it also serves as a moisturizing and firming night care. A great base product for all skin types, also for sensitive skin.

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